Yellow "Entertainment" Zone Parking Ban (Downtown)

During winter months, the City of Portland implements citywide parking bans for snow plowing and or snow removal. Also when necessary, a limited parking ban in the yellow zone of the Portland Downtown District may go into effect for snow hauling. The yellow zone is bounded by Cumberland Avenue, Franklin Street, Commercial Street, and State Street. 

In the yellow zone, snow removal is usually done on night(s) following snow storms, and an additional limited parking ban is usually implemented in this area on those nights. Look for the yellow zone signs in the area, the flashing signs, and tripods. Also check the news media or call the hotline 207-879-0300 to see if an additional limited ban is in effect.

If your car is towed during a yellow zone parking ban, please call 207-874-8575 or 207-874-8443. Vehicles towed duringYELLOW bans are brought to the towing company's individual impound lots. All outstanding parking tickets over ten days old must be paid at either City Hall during normal business hours or at the Police Dept. after hours. Then a $100 tow fee will be charged by the private tow company ($30 after hours pick up fee and $30 per day storage fees could also apply).