Citizen Engagement

​portland pilots community engagement platformS to gain feedback

Your opinion matters! The City of Portland is piloting two community engagement platforms, Polco and CivilSpace, to gain valuable feedback from its citizens. 

Through our ELGL Cohort program, we're working with Polco to offer a new way for you to share your opinions with the City. Polco will help the City to reach out to you through different communication channels to get your insights on current events and initiatives and gather your responses in one central location. Individual responses  will be anonymous and allow City staff to see broad demographic and geographic breakdowns.

One Climate Future
To participate,visit are currently a few surveys available related to our One Climate Future plan. You can respond online or download the Polco app for Android or iOS. Once you have participated in the survey, you will be asked to provide:

  • Name and ZIP code to confirm where you live ― This allows city staff to be sure they are hearing from each person only once and to see which general area of Portland respondents live in.
  • Email address ― This will allow the City to easily contact you with future questions for your input. You can unsubscribe from emails at any time.
This information is not required to submit a response. Responses will remain anonymous with personal information securely stored on Polco. The platform only shares anonymous, combined results. Participants’ individual data and votes are never shared with city staff members or other organizations.

Help Shape the City’s 5-Year Community Development Plan

Through our partnership with CivicPlus, we're piloting CivilSpace to allow our community members to help shape the City's 5-year Community Development Plan. The City receives federal funds for Community Development, Affordable Housing, and Lead Abatement. Portland is an entitlement community, which means that we receive these funds automatically based on the demographics of the city. As a recipient of these funds, the City must send a 5-year consolidated plan to the Housing and Urban Development Department. The plan will describe the needs, goals, and priorities of the City, and this will inform the way the federal funds are used from 2021-2026.

The City’s Housing and Community Development Division would love to hear from you. Please visit our new citizen engagement site to take a few short surveys.

We look forward to this new opportunity to hear from you!