Stormwater Fee Lookup

Stormwater Fee Lookup


  • Without a stormwater service charge, the sewer charge would be $9.70 per HCF.
  • New Stormwater Service Charge - $6.30 per month for every 1,200 square feet of impervious area
  • Adjusted Sewer Charges - $8.20 per HCF

Clean Water Update

As the City continues to fund and implement projects related to the Department of Environmental Protection's mandate for Combined Sewer Overflow requirements, the stormwater rate will increase by $0.30 as of July 1, 2018. The new rate will be $6.30 perbillable unit. This is the first increase since this program started in January of 2016.  The new rate is over $1.00 lower than the FY19 rate originally projected by the Sustainable Storm Water Funding Task Force when the Stormwater Service Charge was originally contemplated.

On-Line Rate Calculator

Using this on-line calculator you can find how many billing units have been calculated based on your property's impervious areas. Also, by having your Portland Water District bill ready, you can also calculate how much your new total sewer and stormwater charges will be after the new stormwater service charge is implemented. Note: sewer fees will be reduced when the stormwater service charge goes into effect.